Exiting Montana…

...Without winning the big fish lottery, AKA, fishing the Madison River in the Fall for lake-run browns and rainbows. This year, I picked a losing ticket. I caught a few nice average fish, but nothing special. Last year wasn't great, but it felt better than this year. A guy I chatted with at Barnes Hole … Continue reading Exiting Montana…

The Madison River

Mangled Madison Mandibles

I fished the Madison between Raynolds Pass and Three Dollar Bridge yesterday, focusing on a group of rising fish in a big slick behind a series of boulders. There were no observable bugs on the water, apart from the odd caddis or two. The reliable hatch of the moment is supposed to be blue winged … Continue reading Mangled Madison Mandibles

Last Days of Summer

The first day of fall is approaching fast, Wednesday the 22nd. I've spent the last days of Summer 2021 around the northern part of Yellowstone National Park. Yesterday the weather took a marked turn and this morning the hills and mountain peaks are all frosted with snow. The overcast skies and and push of fresh … Continue reading Last Days of Summer