Searching for Grayling and Salmonflies

Last Sunday, I rode up the Poudre Canyon for the third week in a row to check on Joe Wright reservoir, looking to hit the grayling spawning run. Three years ago I lucked into it on June 26, and it was some of the craziest fly fishing action I’ve ever experienced… a fish on every … Continue reading Searching for Grayling and Salmonflies

Saoutchik Talbot Lago

The Talbot Lago Saga, Finally Some Progress

(This post is from June of 2020...) Four years ago, I went to work in Colorado as an independent contractor, the first gig I arranged after quitting my long-time job in California to shake things up and spend more time traveling. The gig involved a couple of Bugattis, a Talbot Lago, and a Lamborghini, so … Continue reading The Talbot Lago Saga, Finally Some Progress

The Tiny First Fish of 2020 in Colorado

I've been at work in Colorado for two weeks now and have eased back into fly fishing freshwater. Aside from a few outings for panfish in a Petaluma pond and a couple of short days on creeks in Arizona and Nevada, I haven't fished freshwater since the Fall of 2018. I went with a friend … Continue reading The Tiny First Fish of 2020 in Colorado

BWO Baetis

Cheesman Olives

In June of 2016, I hiked down into Cheesman Canyon to fish that stretch of the South Platte River in Colorado. Cheesman is known as a tricky body of water with "well educated" fish, fish that have seen every fly flung by many of the best anglers in the business. I do not typically enjoy … Continue reading Cheesman Olives