Hazy Teton View from the Henrys Fork

Henry’s Bugs: Opening Day at Harriman Ranch, Henry’s Fork, Idaho

I’ve turned over a lot of rocks in the knee-deep waters of the Henry’s Fork, the famous Snake River tributary that flows past Last Chance, Idaho. There are long stretches of time where there are no rising fish to be spotted, and my curiosity leads me to wonder what they are eating when they are … Continue reading Henry’s Bugs: Opening Day at Harriman Ranch, Henry’s Fork, Idaho

Trinity River Winter Scene

Boondocking for Flyfishers: Steiner Flat, Trinity River, CA

In the winter of 2017, I attempted to catch a California winter steelhead on the swing. I spent three months on the attempt, and did not succeed... though I did get one under a damn bobber with an egg pattern (but that's another story). That winter, the long drought broke, and all of the rivers … Continue reading Boondocking for Flyfishers: Steiner Flat, Trinity River, CA

The Madison River

Mangled Madison Mandibles

I fished the Madison between Raynolds Pass and Three Dollar Bridge yesterday, focusing on a group of rising fish in a big slick behind a series of boulders. There were no observable bugs on the water, apart from the odd caddis or two. The reliable hatch of the moment is supposed to be blue winged … Continue reading Mangled Madison Mandibles

Oysters at Low Tide

Getting Closer

The weather here on the Gulf Coast of Texas is still dark and wet, with thunderstorms the last two mornings and visibility of perhaps a mile. Watching the ten day forecast on WeatherUnderground , there are two partly sunny days out of a chain of cloudy, stormy, gray predictions ahead. Last Sunday, the sun did … Continue reading Getting Closer

Madison River Sunset

Chasing Bugs on the Madison

When I started my fly fishing adventure in 2015, I did not have any particular goals or targets in mind, beyond spending time on some iconic waters of the West.  In total that year I fished 57 distinct bodies of water, including the visit to Florida at the end. I've stumbled across seasonal highlights without … Continue reading Chasing Bugs on the Madison

BWO Baetis

Cheesman Olives

In June of 2016, I hiked down into Cheesman Canyon to fish that stretch of the South Platte River in Colorado. Cheesman is known as a tricky body of water with "well educated" fish, fish that have seen every fly flung by many of the best anglers in the business. I do not typically enjoy … Continue reading Cheesman Olives