Trinity River Winter Scene

Boondocking for Flyfishers: Steiner Flat, Trinity River, CA

In the winter of 2017, I attempted to catch a California winter steelhead on the swing. I spent three months on the attempt, and did not succeed... though I did get one under a damn bobber with an egg pattern (but that's another story). That winter, the long drought broke, and all of the rivers … Continue reading Boondocking for Flyfishers: Steiner Flat, Trinity River, CA

Nellis Dunes: OK for Camping or Not?

TLDR: Not. I was looking for a spot closer to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where there was a kart racing event that I wanted to visit, and literally across the street is a large BLM managed area for off road riding. Nellis Dunes is listed on the BLM website as Dispersed - Nellis Dunes. It … Continue reading Nellis Dunes: OK for Camping or Not?

Boondocking Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire State Park in southern Nevada is a wonderful stop for lovers of desert scenery and petroglyphs, but I did not stay at the campgrounds in the park. Instead, I boondocked at an area a few miles outside, that's listed on many of the free camping websites... I had previously … Continue reading Boondocking Valley of Fire

Government Wash Boondock

Boondocking at Lake Mead, Government Wash

Government Wash, Lake Mead National Recreation Area The two weeks that I spent at Stewart’s Point on Lake Mead were relaxing and productive at the same time. The only fault in the experience was that the cell connection for my Verizon hotspot was really intermittent, which meant I could only work at night or early … Continue reading Boondocking at Lake Mead, Government Wash

Boondocking at Lake Mead

Stewart’s Point, Lake Mead National Recreation Area When I was trying to decide where to go this Fall as it got too cold to remain in Montana, part of the calculus was to not stray too far from Reno, where I have family to visit at Christmas. Last winter, I went south from a work … Continue reading Boondocking at Lake Mead

Exiting Montana…

...Without winning the big fish lottery, AKA, fishing the Madison River in the Fall for lake-run browns and rainbows. This year, I picked a losing ticket. I caught a few nice average fish, but nothing special. Last year wasn't great, but it felt better than this year. A guy I chatted with at Barnes Hole … Continue reading Exiting Montana…

2021 Interior Renovation

Home Renovations for 2021

This April marked the beginning of my sixth year living out of this 2006 Funmover. They really don't build these things for full time living, and it actually voids the warranty if you do so. Some of the cheap materials and poor construction techniques are really shockingly bad. Chipboard held together with staples, for the … Continue reading Home Renovations for 2021

The Long Draw Cutthroat

[Ed. note: I'm in Wyoming now and realized I failed to click the publish button on this post last month!] A few years ago, I went exploring with the RV up near the top of Cameron Pass, where the scuttlebutt said that there were dispersed campsites available along Long Draw reservoir and the creek that … Continue reading The Long Draw Cutthroat