Camps Bay

Five Years Ago: Revisiting an African Adventure

I realized the other day that five years has passed since Mom invited me to go with her on an African adventure. It was just about as amazing as you might imagine, just from those two words, "African adventure". Back then, I posted photos to Instagram at the end of each day's exploration, but Instagram … Continue reading Five Years Ago: Revisiting an African Adventure

Exiting Montana…

...Without winning the big fish lottery, AKA, fishing the Madison River in the Fall for lake-run browns and rainbows. This year, I picked a losing ticket. I caught a few nice average fish, but nothing special. Last year wasn't great, but it felt better than this year. A guy I chatted with at Barnes Hole … Continue reading Exiting Montana…

The Long Draw Cutthroat

[Ed. note: I'm in Wyoming now and realized I failed to click the publish button on this post last month!] A few years ago, I went exploring with the RV up near the top of Cameron Pass, where the scuttlebutt said that there were dispersed campsites available along Long Draw reservoir and the creek that … Continue reading The Long Draw Cutthroat