A Note From the Desert

I’ve been parked out in the Nevada desert for a few days now, since finishing my look-back series on our trip to Africa in 2016. I’ve been poking through my photo archives and infrequent journal entries, looking for the path forward for the blog. I have a pretty good idea what I want to do, but getting there is the trick.

When I started the travelingwithtools.com blog in 2017, I chose the tagline “Bugattis – Flyfishing – Motorbikes”, because those were three things I’m interested in that I thought I could share in interesting ways.

It turns out that flyfishing has been getting most of the ink, and Bugattis have been getting short shrift. So hey, here’s a few Bugattis that I’ve known…

  • Bugatti Grand Prix Lineup
  • Bugatti Type 57 Motor in Process
  • Type 57 SC, the Electron Torpedo, in Process
  • Carrillo Rods With Babbitt for T57
  • Bugatti Type 59 Engine in Process
  • Type 59 Engine Fitting
  • Type 35 New Crank Setup
  • Type 35 Final Assembly
  • Bugatti Type 50
  • Type 50 Engine, Blower Side

In the future, Travelingwithtools is going to focus more on the traveling aspect of things, with sub-aspects of flyfishing, RV living, and of course, vintage automobiles. I’m also going to use it to experiment with WordPress theme design, as I’ve been parked with the same theme for five years now, and it’s past time to shake it up a bit.

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions for topics, in the comments field below, or email greg@travelingwithtools.com .


Greg Stasko

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