Southbound Again

I hesitated as I approached the main junction. Salt Lake City is the turning point, if one chooses to go to California. Or you can continue south on I-15, with Las Vegas as the next major intersection.

As it happened, I decided to keep going south. In October of 2018, I went to the Colorado River corridor through Arizona to Yuma, and that route has some benefits for a wintering troutbum. There are fish of all kinds and sizes in the river and in the lakes it feeds. Striped bass, largemouth, trout, wipers, carp… all kinds of fish.

I was surprised to find that there were smallmouth bass swimming in at least one irrigation canal, by the Mittry Lake Wildlife Area.

I really wanted to get into some of the huge grass carp that also swam in that canal, but I couldn’t find a spot where I could cast to them without getting caught up in the brush.

This time, I think I’m going to stay west of Arizona. A lot has changed since 2018, and while I could put up with the insane politics of Maricopa County back then, in a post-Covid, post-Trump world, I’m not interested in spending any time or money in that state.

Nevada is a little better, even if I have to drive through Bunkerville to get to Lake Mead.

There are a bunch of boondocking spots along the lake on the Nevada side, where I can get decent cell signal to plan my next moves. My Nevada fishing license that I bought back in June is still good, though my annual National Parks Pass expires in a few days. I’ll need to renew it before hitting the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. It remains to be seen how much water there will be to fish in, but the 10 day forecast is for high 70’s and plenty of sun.

A side channel of the Colorado River near Blythe, CA, 2018.

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