Fishing Masochists

The plan continues to play out…

It’s the middle of October in West Yellowstone, and the RV park has shut down for the season. I’m off to fish the Madison from Bakers Hole upstream a mile or so. The sun is finally out and all the roadside trailheads are rammed with anglers’ vehicles. But still enough room for Fat Sally.

(Bakers Hole, or Baker’s Hole? The Forest service has it both ways… no apostrophe on the signage, apostrophe on the maps and website. I’m going with the signage.)

Closed Campground
Two weeks have passed since I departed the campground… plenty of time for the fish to get a move on.

I stopped at the Ranger’s office on the way to Bakers Hole to inquire about where to spend tonight. Rainbow Point’s A loop is open, she confirmed. And she confirmed that the State Police were enforcing the “No Camping” signage at the “rest stop” just outside of town. She rather apologetically said that it didn’t have anything to do with the Forest Service.

It is still just about freezing, despite the sun shining. I’m not particularly a masochist, but sometimes I wonder why the hell I would stand in a river this time of year. Many people are far more eager than me to fish during the winter… I have to remind myself that it is really early Fall… Winter is a long way off.

Friday parking at Bakers Hole
New Mexico, Missouri, Utah, Utah and South Dakota. No locals today.

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