Slow Going on the Madison River

Well, I’ve been shacked up next to the Madison River here in West Yellowstone for six days now and I have only one adult fish to the net to show for my efforts. Four or five hours a day on the water, afternoon to after dark. Maybe I just need to man up and go out at dawn when it is only 23 degrees out, and deal with ice in the guides.

I had a pretty good shot at a couple of fish that I spotted from the bluff in the pictures below, but I broke off the size 20 zebra midge when the fish jumped out of the water on the hookset! It was pretty cool though, as I got him to eat the fly on the third or fourth drift through the run, based on where I thought he was from my overhead view.

Last season I had at least one really nice fish each day out of this river… I’m getting progressively more annoyed at getting skunked. Bright sun and warm weather are nice, but it’d be better if it rained and was overcast for a few days!

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