Last Days of Summer

The first day of fall is approaching fast, Wednesday the 22nd. I’ve spent the last days of Summer 2021 around the northern part of Yellowstone National Park. Yesterday the weather took a marked turn and this morning the hills and mountain peaks are all frosted with snow.

The overcast skies and and push of fresh rainwater into the rivers made it seem perfect for streamer fishing, so I rigged up my 6 weight and went to downtown Gardiner. There is a short trail used by whitewater rafters that leads to the confluence of the Gardner and the Yellowstone (the river and the town are spelled differently for unknown reasons). I’d heard that the upcoming spawning run for Yellowstone brown trout may cause them to stack up at the mouth of the Gardner, so that’s where I started and it was a pretty good afternoon.

I’m moving to West Yellowstone tomorrow to focus on the Madison River for the remainder of my time here. I’ve yet to decide where to go when it gets too cold here in another two weeks or so.

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