It’s taken me some time to recover from the big auction closing day on Wednesday.  The Bugeye got a good price, a bit better than I had expected, but fair I think. Amazingly, the winner was local and he was the only one to come look at the car in person. We did a bank transfer and I signed over the title, then delivered the car the next day when the funds cleared.

Selling a car online is a hit or miss proposition. I wagered that would attract the most views from a group of knowledgeable shoppers, and it worked out better than I expected. I studied the site for months, watched to see what bidders were looking for, then tried to craft my listing to suit those needs.

The commentary on BaT was universally positive, and I think it led to more confidence in the quality of the car. I was frankly surprised that nobody commented on the cars’ many small flaws that drive me crazy.

It’s done and gone, and I can move on to the next thing. Which is the Talbot Lago T26 that I took apart in 2016 at High Mountain Classics in Colorado. It has an entry at Pebble Beach 2020 and it is still a bare block waiting for line boring and bearing work. Hopefully I can start assembling it in a couple of months.

Talbot Lago Project
Welded block and new LA Sleeve liners for Arias pistons. Lots of work remaining.


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