Less Than 24 Hours Remaining to Bid on the 215 V8 Bugeye Sprite

We are inside of 24 hours remaining on the auction at BringaTrailer.com!

I’m chewing my fingernails off over here, as there’s hardly any chatter going on in the comments. Despite having felt at times like this car was a terrible use of my time (650 hours documented, folks!) I have always felt warm and fuzzy inside when thinking about how great it would be to sprint up Hwy 49 past Downieville, or up my favorite section of the Coast Highway between Muir Beach and Tomales Bay. The car would look so fantastic parked across Alpine Dam on the Fairfax-Bolinas road.

The Sunday Morning Ride Route
Image: Google Maps

I hope I don’t regret letting the car go away, but I have a feeling that BringaTrailer will bring out the right buyer that can appreciate the car the way I intended. Good luck to all you crazy LBC addicts out there.


Greg Stasko




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