Welcome to TravelingWithTools

Hi there. I’m Greg Stasko and this is my new spot on the Web.

I hated the word “blog” when it first came into use; I mean, it sounds like a symptom related to a sinus infection.  But here I am on WordPress, writing my first blog post.

I’ve spent the last two and a half years living in this 31 foot long RV called a Fun Mover, made by the Four Winds division of THOR in 2006. The Big Idea at the time was to make a break from the usual work-eat-sleep-work lifestyle, to shake things up and see if I could find a better way for me to live.  A fundamental search for happiness, and perhaps a new home that could contribute to that goal.

I am a mechanic by trade and I have been very fortunate, in that I landed by chance at Phil Reilly & Co back in 2006. Working there for nine years gave me a pretty specialized resume that allows me to market my skills in a way that has made this nomadic existence possible.  I carry my tools with me, opposite the cabinet that has my fly rods and float tube, my two motorcycles parked in between.

In my travels so far, I have taken thousands of photographs but have not really found the right way to share them and the stories that they illustrate. This website will hopefully become that venue, and I hope that you will enjoy what I share with you.

Thanks for reading,

Greg Stasko

Corte Madera, California




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