Saoutchik Talbot Lago

The Talbot Lago Saga, Finally Some Progress

(This post is from June of 2020...) Four years ago, I went to work in Colorado as an independent contractor, the first gig I arranged after quitting my long-time job in California to shake things up and spend more time traveling. The gig involved a couple of Bugattis, a Talbot Lago, and a Lamborghini, so … Continue reading The Talbot Lago Saga, Finally Some Progress

Alfa Blower

Making Your Mark

I worked for a long time in one location, almost ten years, taking apart cars and putting them back together.  Any old car shop has shelving storing parts, and some shops have bits from jobs that were done twenty or thirty years ago.   Parts may sit for a week before going back together, and some … Continue reading Making Your Mark