Boondocking Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire State Park in southern Nevada is a wonderful stop for lovers of desert scenery and petroglyphs, but I did not stay at the campgrounds in the park. Instead, I boondocked at an area a few miles outside, that's listed on many of the free camping websites... I had previously … Continue reading Boondocking Valley of Fire

Government Wash Boondock

Boondocking at Lake Mead, Government Wash

Government Wash, Lake Mead National Recreation Area The two weeks that I spent at Stewart’s Point on Lake Mead were relaxing and productive at the same time. The only fault in the experience was that the cell connection for my Verizon hotspot was really intermittent, which meant I could only work at night or early … Continue reading Boondocking at Lake Mead, Government Wash

Boondocking at Lake Mead

Stewart’s Point, Lake Mead National Recreation Area When I was trying to decide where to go this Fall as it got too cold to remain in Montana, part of the calculus was to not stray too far from Reno, where I have family to visit at Christmas. Last winter, I went south from a work … Continue reading Boondocking at Lake Mead

A Note From the Desert

I’ve been parked out in the Nevada desert for a few days now, since finishing my look-back series on our trip to Africa in 2016. I’ve been poking through my photo archives and infrequent journal entries, looking for the path forward for the blog. I have a pretty good idea what I want to do, … Continue reading A Note From the Desert

On the way to the Lobo airfield.

African Adventure Epilogue

Our last night in Africa happened to coincide with a supermoon. The hosts at Bologonja Under Canvas had lit a campfire, and the full moon rose up out of the Serengeti, past a very old tree that may or may not have sheltered a family of leopards. In South Africa, they had referred to sitting … Continue reading African Adventure Epilogue

Brother Lions

5 Years Ago: Serengeti Part II

The name Serengeti is said to have been derived from the Maasai word for "endless plains". There is something wonderful about being in a place that is essentially unchanged for thousands of years, apart from the modes of transportation we use to cross it. I can only imagine what Colorado, Nebraska and Kansas would be … Continue reading 5 Years Ago: Serengeti Part II

Serengeti Panorama

5 Years Ago: Bologonja, Serengeti National Park

Serengeti National Park was the final stop on our 2016 African adventure. Our guide Rick, who had been with us since we arrived in Tanzania, drove the Land Cruiser from Ngorongoro while we flew from the Lake Mayara airport to the Lobo airstrip. The drive from Lobo to the Bologonja tent camp was a safari … Continue reading 5 Years Ago: Bologonja, Serengeti National Park