California Striped Bass

Last winter I spent three months trying to catch steelhead trout from California’s north coast rivers, and in three months I caught one adult fish. I’ve been here in Corte Madera for two weeks and I’ve already tripled my fish count from last year!


Last weekend I got the best one, but with a really awful photo. Today I brought the “good” camera and got better images. I caught one little fish, book-ended by two nicer fish that pulled pretty hard. They didn’t take me into the backing, but they fought as hard at that one Klamath River steelhead last year. The little fish today grabbed the clouser minnow in a vicious take, absolutely hammered it!


The last fish came from right under the Francis Drake Blvd. on-ramp to Hwy 101, not the most beautiful scenery in the state, but I’m not complaining.


There are much larger fish in this estuary, and I’m going to keep casting until I find one. Perhaps a kayak is in my future… Hmmm.

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