The Redington Crosswater Fish

Yesterday’s post mentioned some of the fish I caught on this rod, and I thought I would just share some photos today. The rod first saw use in the California surf, trying for surf perch, but that didn’t work out. It’s next use was in Nevada, trying for carp in a nearly dried out reservoir. I didn’t get a good image of that fish, but it was memorable!

Then I got to Florida in January of 2016.

Jack Crevalle
Sad to say this was my best jack. On a Shminnow in a river inlet from a fishing pier.
My best barracuda, at Bahia Honda Key.
More barracuda
Lots of small barracuda on the flat that day. I caught a smallmouth bass on that same fly later in Colorado!
Sea trout
It took three months, but I finally found some sea trout up by Apalachicola.
Puppy drum
Some puppy drum (little redfish).
Salty cat
Saltwater catfish!
Pretty spots
Pretty spots on this sea trout.

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